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Southwest Quilt

Southwest Quilt

Cross Quilt

Cross Quilt

Photos on Back of Quilt

Kyla's High School Quilt Back

Concert Shirt Quilt

Kalmer Concert Shirts

Collage Quilt

Geigner Collage Quilt

Purple Gold Quilt

Kyla's High School Quilt

Millikin Soccer

Millikin Soccer

Starnes Quilt

Starnes Quilt With Sashing

Monticello Purples

Monticello Purples

Turkey Festival Quilt

Treemont Turkey Festival

Bellas Quilt

Bella's Drama Quilt

California Memory Quilt

California Quilt 1 of 3

Dads Shirts

Love, Dad

Collage Style Quilt With Sashing

Collage Style Quilt With Sashing

Memory Quilt For Sharon

Tony's Shirts

Cross on Quilt

Stowe Church Cross

Matthews Quilt with EMT shirts

Matthew's EMT Quilt 

Memory Quilt With Heart Shape

Jim's Heart

Theatre Quilt 200

Brittany's Theatre Quilt 2020

Big Dill Tee Shirt Quilt

French Twist 2019

Bible Verses on Quilt

Bible Verses 2020

Mandrell Basketball Quilt

Mandrell Basketball Quilt 2021

Quilt made from Crown Royal Bags

Crown Royal Quilt 2020

Dani's Happiness Quilt

Marathon Quilt 2021

Kevin's Harley Quilt

Kevin's Harley Quilt 2019

Murrah Quilt

Murrah Quilt

Dani's Happiness Quilt

Joy & Happiness 2019

Hait Houses Quilt

Haiti Houses 2018 

Sam's Tee Shirt Quilt

Sam's Tee Shirt Quilt 2019

Wonky Crosses Quilt for Ashley

Wonky Crosses

Rubix Cubes Quilt

Rubixes Cubes 2017

Double Sided Tee Shirt Quilt

Double-Side Tee Shirt Quilt 2019

Dog Daze Applique Quilt

Dog Daze 2018

Hard Rock Cafe Tee Shirt Quilt

Hard Rock Cafe Tees 2021

Jersey Quilt

Jersey Quilt 2020

Ace's Whale Quilt

Ace's Whale Quilt 2020


Scout Leader Tees 2018

Big Dill Tee Shirt Quilt

Big Dill Tees 2020

Kara's Quilt

Kara's Quilt 2021

Quilt made from clothes of baby's first year

Baby Greyson's First Year

Memory Quilt From Grandma Thelma's Clothes

Memory Quilt

Quilt Made From Chemistry Shirts

A Chemistry Teacher's Shirts

2021 Graduate Quilt

Caleb's 2021 Graduation Quilt

Lonnie's Quilt

Lonnie's Quilt

2021 Mays Graduation Quilt

NCHS Soccer Grad 2021

Radford University School of Nursing

Dani's Tee-Shirt Quilt

2021 Graduation Quilt

2021 Savvy Graduation Quilt

NCHS Soccer Grad Quilt

NCHS Soccer Grad Quilt

A Disney Tee Shirt Quilt

A Disney Sensation

One of Three Sisters

Sister Sarah Jo

Growing Up With Isabelle Quilt

Growing Up With Isabelle

A Gift for Pastor Peter

Our Gift to Pastor Peter Hammond

Blue Skies Blue Waters

Blue Skies Blue Waters

Shayla's Mom's Shirts

Shayla's Mom

Jake's Quilt Set in Diamond Blocks

Jake's Quilt

Sandy's Running Shirts Quilt

Sandy's Running Shirts

Rosie's Wonky Block Quilt

Wonky Blocks For Rose

RaeAnn's Double Side Quilt

RaeAnn's Quilt With Embroidered Name

Memory Quilt For Lisa Polley

Memory Quilt

High School Memory Quilt

Justin Beiber Quilt

Kenzi's Band Shirts NCHS

Flutist Kenzie's Band Shirts

Handprints For Mom

Handprints For Mom

Side Two of RaeAnn's Quilt

Side Two of RaeAnn's Quilt

Ava's Bubbles

Ava's Bubbles 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

Very Hungry Caterpillar 2018 

Rubber Ducky Quilt

Rubber Duckies 2020